Who Are We

Practice & Experience

Durst & Associates Financial Services formally "Ready Taxes" was established in 2005, with a focus primarily on tax preparation. In 2020, we had a makeover, adding more products and services. 

We bring years of professional, dependable, and courteous financial experience. We provide services to individuals, small business owners, and non-profits.

We provide our clients with services such as; how to find the right income protection plan, how to properly invest, manage tax documents in preparation for the tax season, notary service for those important documents, and so much more. ​

Our goal is to make the client experience a seamless, stress-free process by allowing our clients to schedule time with us face-to-face without ever having to leave the comfort of their home. 

We service all 50 states.

Why Us

Our approach is different! 

We're more than just a tax preparation service.  We educate individuals and small business owners on all things financial and business. From effective money management, business plans, finding financial resource that helps to lead a better quality of life. 

We use the right tools and ask the right questions to help our clients find the financial solutions that fit their budget; creating a path that will help to keep them on track as they work towards their dream of Financial Freedom. 

Business Opportunities

We also help you to get in business for yourself, yet working alongside a team of dedicated tax professionals.

Let us help you reach your dream of being your own boss, creating your own work schedule, and earning as much money as you want based on your own efforts.